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Poly Seal Insulation

IBAR Insulation provides several insulation options for home efficiency improvement. Choosing the right insulation can lower your monthly electric bill, especially in summer and winter. 

Poly seal insulation is an airtight foam insulation that requires the use of specialty hardware. We use this insulation around doors, outlets, and windows, as well as tubs and showers. Anywhere you need dense, airtight insulation, poly sealing does the job. It’s ideal for any areas that are vulnerable to drafts. 

This type of insulation is easiest to install when your framing is exposed, such as early in the construction project. However, we can also add it to finished homes.

We’re proud to offer comprehensive  insulation services throughout La Feria, TX and neighboring cities. Contact us today to get a free quote for our services.

poly seal insulation
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